Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Phasing Out of "Spousal Coordination"

Good news for SHARE members who have had to deal with "spousal coordination" of their family health insurance -- it's going away!

Spousal coordination required SHARE members hired after 7/1/2008 to put their spouse on the spouse's employer's health insurance, if possible, even if the SHARE member purchased a family plan to cover children. UMass Memorial reimbursed the cost of the spouse's individual plan, and paid any extra to "top off" the spouse's coverage so that the employee didn't lose anything. It was supposed to cost no more to the SHARE member, but save UMass Memorial money.

UMass Memorial had proposed the plan to SHARE, feeling that area companies rely on the hospital's good health insurance coverage for spouses, saving those other companies money.

SHARE members thought spousal coordination was confusing, and a lot of paperwork to get reimbursed.

SHARE (and probably many others) had complained about spousal coordination to Human Resources. We asked if it really did save the hospital money, once the additional work was taken into account.

Human Resources has decided to discontinue the plan this year: New employees won't be signed up for it starting now, and SHARE members who already have won't anymore in the next health insurance year, starting January 2017.

HR has told SHARE that they are committed to helping SHARE members with the transition if there are problems with the timing of the spouse's health insurance year.

Monday, June 13, 2016


Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the Orlando Pulse Nightclub Shooting, their families and their friends. 

We stand in solidarity with all those affected by this senseless violence, directly or indirectly, and especially with our own LGBTQ, Latino, and Muslim communities here at UMass Memorial Hospital and UMass Medical School.​

Friday, May 27, 2016

No Voting Required This Year for SHARE Rep and Executive Board Members

We received more than 50 nominations for SHARE Rep and Executive Board, and there are enough positions for all the nominees. A vote is only held when here are more people running than there are positions to run for.

Congratulations to the new and returning SHARE representatives, who are now considered elected! A list of all SHARE Reps and Executive Board members will be posted soon, right here on this blog.

Questions? Please call the SHARE office at 508-929-4020.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Opthalmic Techs Vote to Join SHARE!

By a landslide vote of 7 to 0, the Opthalmic Technicians of the Eye Center voted to join SHARE last week. Before this, they had been classified as non-union.

Let's wish them a warm welcome to the SHARE union!

Friday, May 6, 2016

SHARE Leader Nominations Open

Now's the time to think about nominating someone to be a SHARE leader. Are you interested in becoming more active in the SHARE union? Or is there a co-worker who you think would make a good SHARE Rep? Nominations are open now for SHARE Rep positions and for some of the SHARE Executive Board positions. You can nominate yourself or a co-worker.

Nominations are due in the SHARE office by Thursday, May 19th at 5pm. If there are too many candidates running for any position, we will have an election on June 16.

To read all about how to nominate someone, what SHARE Reps do, and all the rest of the information, click here for the full letter. (You may have already seen this letter in your mail at home.)

SHARE Phones Are Back

Thank you for your patience. The electrician was in today, and the phones are back online . . .

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

SHARE Phones are Down

Just a quick post to let SHARE members know that our office phones are down, and have been since yesterday afternoon. Verizon is supposed to come work on the problem this afternoon -- with the strike going on at Verizon, we'll keep our fingers crossed that our phones can get fixed soon.

In the meantime, click here for a list of email addresses for SHARE Organizers.