Wednesday, May 23, 2012

SHARE Reps & Executive Board

Congratulations to the new SHARE Reps and Executive Board members, and to those who will be continuing this year from previous years. And to those SHARE Reps who are stepping down this year, thank you for your hard work!

Here are the new and returning SHARE leaders, by location:

Krista King, Barre Health Center

Biotech 3
Kay Ferraro, Cytopathology

Sandy Alafberg, SHARE Treasurer
Sheldon Brown, Executive Board, Affiliates/Outreach
Kyle Charbonneau, Billing – Affiliates/Outreach
Carol Fricka, Billing Support Services
Pat Strait, Billing Medicare

Eleanor Beshai, Plastic Surgery
Sharon Wagner, Family Docs - Rudnick

Alana Wesson, SHARE Co-President
Bill Brennan, Executive Board, Biomed Engineering
Joan Powlics, Executive Board, ED
Nancy Bickford, West 3
Andrea Caraglior, Respiratory Therapy
Jay Hagan, CAT Scan
Ray Gietler, Radiation Oncology
Ana Luiz, Women’s Services OBGyn
Michelle Norum, South 5
Joann Shoup, Maternity - Delivery
Angel Small, Multiple Sclerosis Clinc
Sandy Tebo, South 2

Matt Stockwell, 3PTC Psych Nursing

Tri River
Mary Misiaszek, Tri River Clinic Admin

Rita Caputo, SHARE Co-President
Rob Beatty, SHARE Secretary
Deb Clark, Executive Board, Univ. Admissions Unit
Kathy Girouard, Executive Board, Univ. Cardiac Cath
Sharon Pichierri, Executive Board, Univ. Ortho Clinic
Zelpher Bayode, Nursing One to One
Kathy Benitez, Lakeside 2
Sue Bouthot, Orthopedic Billing
Diane Brown, CAT Scan
LeDean Buzzell, Pediatrics Administration
Margaret Carolan, Neurodiagnostic Center
Tom Collins, Respiratory Therapy
Kona Enders, 3 West
Diane Jewell, 4th Floor
Lynn LaFrance, CVC
Rich Leufstedt, Radiology Diagnostic
Dianne Ludovico, Endoscopy Suite
Sue Maddalena, Cardiac Cath
Denise Page, ED
Harrison Saydee Sr., Nursing One to One
Matilda Williams, 6 East

Marie Guertin, HIM Chart Completion

No Vote on March 24

The nominations are in, and there will be no vote for SHARE Reps or Executive Board members this year. Every position up for election either had just the right number of candidates, or fewer. Our Elections Code says that all candidates are therefore considered elected. Many thanks to those who nominated themselves or a co-worker to help keep our union strong.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Notice of Union Rep and E-board Elections - May 24, 2012

If there are more candidates in any area than there are positions to fill, we hold a vote in that area. If there are not more candidates than positions, then the candidates are considered elected, and there will be no vote in that area. To find out if there is a contested election in your area check back here or call SHARE at (508) 929-4020 on May 23rd. The times are below, if there is a vote.

LOCATION                                   TIME                                              ROOM
328 Shrewsbury St                          2p - 2:30p                              Lobby
Barre                                             12p - 1p                                 Conference Room 
Biotech III                                       11:30 – 1:30p                        TBA
CBO                                             8a – 10:30a                             File Room
Farmhouse                                     12:30p - 1:30p                        Basement Conference Room
Hahnemann                                    12p - 1:30p                            Cafeteria Annex
Home Health                                  8:30a – 10:30a                       Break Room
Lincoln St Emp Health                      10a - 10:30a                         Break Room
Memorial                                        6:30a - 4p                              Cafeteria (little annex, near the trash)
Morgan                                          11:30a - 1p                            3rd Floor Rehab Conf Room        
PTC                                              2p - 3p                                  Conference Room
Shrewsbury Family Med                  9:30a - 10a                            Break Room
Shrewsbury Radiology                     8:30a - 9a                             Break Room
Sleep Center                                   2p - 2:30p                             Break Room
South County Pediatrics                   2:30p - 3p                            Lobby
Tri-River                                         12p - 1:30p                           Community Room
University                                      6:30a - 4p                              Cafeteria (back right corner)
WBC                                             11:30p - 2p                           Kitchen area, 1st floor

Voting times TBA for members at 67 Belmont, Milford Radiology, and Hahnemann Family Health at Chadwick Ct.

Voting is limited to SHARE members. 
Please call the office if you would like a membership card.
We are not allowed to have absentee ballots.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Parking Rate Increase

You've probably seen the memo that went out today about parking rates increasing as of July 2012.  Hopefully you also saw the part in the beginning of the email that we've highlighted below! 

Note to UMass Memorial Medical Center employees: The parking rate increases discussed below only apply to the parking areas noted in the memo. Rates on other UMass Memorial properties are not impacted by this increase. For those Medical Center employees represented by a labor union, any change in parking rates will be governed by the terms of the applicable collective bargaining agreement. Nothing will change until we negotiate about it. We can be pretty sure that management will propose these same parking rate increases to the SHARE Negotiating Team for our next contract. (The same thing goes for the recent earned time and pension changes for non-union staff at UMass Memorial -- it's very likely that UMass Memorial management will propose those changes for SHARE members too.) Stay tuned.

UPDATE: A link to the memo as a PDF.